Todd Carper is the primary author of the following patents. Clicking the title will take you to the US Patent Office web site where you can view the entire patent and related claims.

1. System and method for facilitating multiple applications on a smart card

Multi-application support is necessary to participate in current and upcoming markets. Be among the leaders and provide a card that can handle the customer needs and the changing market.

2. Smart card patch manager

Markets change, customer requirements change, and sometimes the application just doesn't do what you wanted. Ensure your ability to fix your deployed card application whether Flash based or ROM based. Recalls are expensive, just update it.

3. System and method for installing/de-installing an application on a smart card

Deploy your card. As new opportunities arise, develop additional applications and add them to your deployed cards. If an application becomes obsolete, remove it from the deployed card. Provide this capability for both Flash and ROM based parts.

4. Smart card memory management system and method

Storage memory is precious. Use what you need in your application, but when you don't need it any longer, give it back. Allow other applications to use and re-use the available memory. No need to reserve and determine the precise placement of storage. Ask for it as you need it.