At the forefront of this evolving business environment, the SmarTEC technology delivers solutions that are unavailable from traditional suppliers.

SmarTEC's flexible OS solution

SmarTEC provides a universal secure operating system platform that supports any microprocessor architecture. This secure, thin operating system (SmarTEC OS) is capable of supporting secure applications and providing secure services to existing operating environments. These capabilities individually or in combination provide a powerful new class of software

  1. Small OS footprint - staring at 6KB
  2. Flash and ROM support
  3. Multi-application support
  4. Field maintainable
  5. Developer defined security model

Accelerated development

The SmarTEC Operating System provides a rapid development capability that enables application developers to deliver secure application solutions in a short period of time.

  1. Reuse applications in multiple markets
  2. Select from 8, 16, 32 bit architectures
  3. Develop on your Mac or PC including test and debug
  4. Provide the security model requested by your customer

Secure systems

The demand for security is driving changes in industries that require secure identification and authentication as a precursor to any type of transaction. Financial, internet access, database, and loyalty applications all demand security. 

  1. Manage biometric data
  2. Perform high security operations
  3. Build the right security model for the target
  4. Choice of encryption protocols DES, RSA, AES, etc.

Manage your Market

SmarTEC supports multiple smart card semiconductor chips. This allows you to take advantage of market conditions and protects you from the vulnerabilities associated with a single-source supplier.

  1. Multiple chip suppliers
  2. Multiple card manufacturers
  3. Better prices and service from your suppliers